Look what I came across

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Look what I came across

Post by Galaxy-Scarface on 2015-08-01, 12:44

So I decided to look at some of the first threads I posted in (2008) and came across, among other things, a link to an old VX forum abandoned in like 2006. It seems that after the VX site died, some of the people from there made a few posts on that forum, and one of them linked to a site with Flash Trek games on them. This includes 2 games I haven't seen in YEARS: DW's old BM3 game and JPB's BM4. I had no idea that those games were still out there somewhere...

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Re: Look what I came across

Post by Destral on 2015-08-06, 00:36

Wow, I totally forgot about those. Thats pretty amazing that theyre still around, but Ive seen stranger things on the internet Razz


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