Revisiting Flash Trek (I need help, just read....)

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Revisiting Flash Trek (I need help, just read....)

Post by Evil Person on 2011-03-14, 03:49

So i am embarking on the 5 year (atleast) journy to create, test, build, and release my newest idea Flash Trek Starship Commander, everything is basically figured out, however, i am designing a compleatly new interface, and a new type of gameplay, wich means i need to dump all of the sources i have, meaning entierly new source code, from scratch, i know most of you probibly cant make the complex game i want, so im not asking you to, i need help with small things, i am going to devote the next 5 years of my life to making this code, but i will need help because i know almost nothing of code whatsoever, i can only add and remove sprites from stuff, not to mention i dont have flash (working on that though).

So yeah, all the information about the game can be found here:

Thats the site its based on, if you want to help, regester and post in the "The Team" Thred saying that you want to help Very Happy

Thanks Very Happy
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