This is for those who complained about british parliament

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This is for those who complained about british parliament

Post by JPB18 on 2010-08-09, 12:54

So, it seems that one of our defense industries (INDEP - Industrias Nacionais de Defesa, Nacional Defense Industries) a member of the holding EmPorDef (Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa - Portuguese Defense Enterprises) sold a couple of years ago, the schematics of a weapon called Lusa A2 for the ridiculous amout of 50.000 dolares...

Now, this case is being used as a weapon against the portuguese polititian Paulo Portas, because back then he was the National Defense Minister. The weapon itself costed to the EmPorDef 15 million euros to develop, and, before Paulo Portas arrived to the government of Prime Minister Durão Barroso (Actual president of the european comity), INDEP was almost at bankrupt...

Paulo Portas managed to bring it back to action, but not before the Lusa A2 schematics were sold...

Today, I read in the newspaper, that the gun is being used as a political weapon against him, although he only knew about the gun the day before...

Opinions, or do i have to re-write this again using Google Translator? (I already have 2 posts about this on a Blog in Portuguese, so...)

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